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Ridgemonkey CONNECT MULTI-PURPOSE PAN & Griddle set-coarse fishing

The Ridge Monkey Multi-Purpose Pan and Griddle set offers a lightweight die-cast aluminium pan and Griddle set that can be used on all traditional burners and direct heat sources to rustle yourself up some adventurous cuisine.  With Ridge Monkey innovative hinge design coarse-fishing, the griddle plat serves as a lid for the deep pan or both pans can be used independently- the choice is up to you. Featuring a fluoropolymer non-stick coating, you don’t need to bother about washing up your pan straight. This Multi-Purpose pan is special as it offers two pans in one instead of one deep pan and a lid. Also Besides, the pan is fully compatible with the Redge monkey connect compact Sandwich Toaster XL. The griddle set supports a cool touch removable handle connected with a magnetic lock, making cooking easy when both pans are used at once. The coarse-grained dimension of the pan is 235mm (350mm with handle) × 205mm × 135mm. Distinctive hinge design and prop up exterior are fully compatible with Redge Monkey connect compact Sandwich Toaster.

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Features and details:

  • Lightweight cast Aluminium Pans.
  • Removable handles with magnetic closure
  • Fluoro- polymer non-stick coating
  • Fully compatible with the Redgemonkey connect compact sandwich toaster XL

Product information:

  • Material type :  Aluguss
  • Brand:  Redgemonkey
  • Manufacturer:   Redgemonky
  • Batteries included?
  • Size:  235mm (350mm with handle) * 205mm * 135mm
  • Product code:  B0823TLCFJt

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Don’t miss out on our biggest sale of the year. Get 10% OFF on our selected products.